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*Snow Closings: For Hero safety, HJCF will close AM classes along with the Parsippany-Troy Hills School District.  As soon as we know any information, we will post updates to the blog and facebook.

For PM class updates, stay tuned to the blog and facebook.

Online Calendar

This is our schedule day one. We are excited to offer more classes in the near future. Please give us your feedback and thoughts on the schedule. Email us at

Please Note – The FREE TEASER Class (a.k.a Bring-a-Friend WOD) is for first timers. You are only allowed to attend one free teaser class.

What is a Bring-a-Friend WOD?

Bring-A-Friend WOD’s give our members a chance to bring along friends and family who would like to experience a CrossFit workout with them! Bring-A-Friend WOD’s can be scaled to accomodate any level of fitness. Members will be performing the regularly scheduled WOD for that day!

What is a Family WOD?

The Family WOD is available for all our members ages 8 and up! Kids, Teens, Moms, Dads, and anyone for that matter are all welcome to join in this family-style WOD. You don’t need to bring your family to join in the Family WOD. Just come ready to get a great workout and have lots of fun – as usual!

What is a Lite WOD?

Crossfit Lite is a pared-down version of Crossfit for the fearful, the injured, or the elderly. You get all of the benefits of traditional Crossfit with a gentler approach to WODs. If traditional Crossfit classes have overhead squats, snatches, muscle-ups, or somersaults, we will be doing none of those. The Crossfit Lite program is overseen by Dr. Chris, owner of Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic, Chiropractor and Crossfit Level 1 Certified Coach.

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