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How would your life change if you finally stuck to a fitness regimen you could buy into?

Do you want to love going to the gym? 

Have you gained weight, joined a gym, lost weight, stopped going, then gained all the weight back, and more? Have you been so out of shape because life got in the way, making you think you could never get in shape again?

Are you sick and tired of what you see when you look in the mirror? Have you ever stopped to wonder what it would feel like if your body was something you could depend on to give you confidence instead of something that made you self-conscious? 

We are Heroes Journey Fitness. If you give us a chance, we will change your life through fitness.  It’s a bold mission, but we take it very seriously.  Listen, we know what you’ve been through. You’ve failed at losing weight. You’ve tried personal trainers, but it just didn’t stick. Having just one person to hold you accountable wasn’t enough. When you have a coach and a community you trust when it comes to your movement, diet, lifestyle, and daily happiness, you’ll be surprised at how easily the results come.  Not to mention what the strength of an uplifting community that is journeying alongside you can do for your ability to walk through the front door every day.   

Regardless of experience, age, or gender, we will get you into the shape you have always wanted; for good this time. Whether your goal is fat loss, or high intensity performance, you will have a coach to guide you, and a community to lean on. Heroes Journey will be your advocate for everything you need in health and fitness.

Don’t believe us?  Give us a shot. We love to prove our worth.  After all, your health and happiness depends on our confidence.  

How to join Treehouse Athletics

How To Join

When you start at Heroes Journey, we’ll make sure that you feel welcome and that your unique fitness needs are met.

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Who Treehouse Athletics Is

Who We Are

Our gym hires incredibly talented coaches, features all of the equipment and space that you need, and has a great social environment.

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Treehouse Athletics Community

Prescription For A Great Life!

Learn more about what separates us from other fitness programs and how you can use it to become functionally fit for life.

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Our Location

Success Stories

Through Heroes Journey, I have found greater self-confidence, discipline, physical transformation, and a coach and mentor who helps to keep me focused on my goals both in and out of the gym. I fell in love with the CrossFit philosophy soon after I joined the gym. The coaches did an amazing job of orienting me to the movements and correcting and improving my movements during a WOD. During the first few months my body adjusted and changed and it encouraged me even further.

-- Aaron Gerlich

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